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In-Person services are available with Strict COVID-19 health and safety measures to keep you, your counsellor, and everyone's families as safe as possible.

My name is Mark Nixon and I’m a Registered Psychotherapist and Director of MyLife Counselling Guelph. Our team of experienced Guelph counsellors and psychotherapists provide personal therapy, marriage counselling, and psychotherapy services for adults, adolescents, and youth. In addition to helping you with depression, self-esteem, and relationship issues, we also specialize in anger management, anxiety, trauma, and grief and loss.

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About Our Counsellors

Our counsellors and psychotherapists are carefully chosen because of their exceptional training, varied life experiences, and commitment to caring about you. They provide a safe place where you can share painful or difficult aspects of your life without the fear of being judged. Through a supportive therapeutic relationship you can gain a deeper awareness of what is troubling you and find new ways of regaining your emotional well-being.

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Individual Counselling

Individual Guelph Counselling ServicesWe provide individual psychotherapy and counselling in Guelph for such issues as depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, grief, crisis, relationship conflict, and other normal life transitions. Our counsellors and psychotherapists can help you regain your peace-of-mind.

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Couples & Marriage Counselling

Couples and Marriage Counselling GuelphCouples and marriage therapy are helpful if you’re struggling with frequent conflict, distance, betrayal, separation, or loss of desire with your partner. Our skilled and experienced couples and marriage counsellors can help you both improve communication, regain your friendship, and rediscover intimacy.

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Child & Youth Counselling

Child and Youth Counselling GuelphCounselling for children and adolescents is helpful if your child is struggling with anxiety, difficulties at school, relationships with peers, or conflict within the family. Our experienced child and youth counsellors can help your child improve their communication, self-esteem, and relationship with others.

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Family Counselling

Family Counselling GuelphFamily counselling and therapy can help your family if you’re struggling with blame, fighting, and disconnection. Our family counsellors can help your family increase your mutual understanding, respect, and regain a sense of unity and belonging.

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