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I specialize in anger management counselling in Guelph for people seeking healthier ways to express anger, hurt, and frustration in their lives.  If the way you’re expressing anger is hurting people you care about, creating problems at work, or leaving you feeling out of control, then as your anger management counsellor I can help you find better ways to manage this powerful emotion in your life.

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Anger Management Issues I Can Help You With…

Below are the many kinds of anger management issues I’ve helped men and women with through anger management counselling.

  • Relationship Conflict: anger that leads to frequent fighting with your partner, friends, and family.
  • Workplace Anger: anger on the job, with co-workers, bosses, and customers.
  • Criminal Behaviour: anger that leads to physical assaults, property damage, threats, and charges.
  • Internalized Anger: anger that leads to self-harming (e.g., hitting self, cutting) or drug use.

Anger Management Clues: Are You Noticing These in Your Life?

Anger management problems can result from problems in emotional self-regulation. Self-regulation involves your ability to identify, express, and communicate feelings of anger, frustration, and hurt in healthy ways. Below are clues that you might benefit from anger management counselling:

  • When you get angry you begin to yell, throw/break objects, or say threatening things.
  • Others describe you as two different people when angry and calm.
  • You’re quick to “snap”, “see red”, ” or “lose your temper” and act in ways you later regret.
  • You frequently get angry when interrupted, criticized, or have to wait.

Anger Management Counselling Helps By…

Through anger management counselling, I will first help you identify and understand the deeper source of your anger. Instead of lashing out against other people or hurting yourself, we will use specific anger management therapies to help you soothe yourself, change unhelpful thoughts, and learn effective communication skills.

I Can Help You…
  • Learn healthy ways to soothe yourself.
  • Feel in control of how you express your anger.
  • Improve your relationships and communication.