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I specialize in anxiety counselling in Guelph for people struggling with persistent fears, phobias, panic attacks, and trauma. I help people regain a sense of safety, confidence, and peace-of-mind so that they can fully enjoy their lives.  I have extensive experience helping men and women with post traumatic stress which can result from surviving trauma such as abuse, accidents, or any emotionally overwhelming experience.

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Anxiety Issues I Can Help You With…

As your anxiety and trauma counsellor, I am here to help you feel safe enough to begin understanding and confronting the source of your fear and avoidance. Below are the many kinds of fears I’ve helped people overcome through anxiety and trauma counselling.

  • Social Anxiety: fear and avoidance of meeting new people, socializing in a crowd, and public speaking.
  • Panic Attacks: overwhelming terror and belief that you could suddenly die at any moment.
  • Phobias: fear and avoidance of flying, driving, animals, crowds, and other places or things.
  • Traumas: witnessing or surviving assaults, childhood neglect, accidents, death, and violence.

Anxiety and Trauma: Do You Have Post Traumatic Stress?

Trauma occurs when any situation or event overwhelms your ability to cope and leaves you feeling helpless and in fear of death, pain, loss, or violation of any sort. This can include single events such as accidents, assault, natural disasters or repeated events such as childhood abuse, neglect, combat, or domestic violence. Although not everyone will develop Post Traumatic Stress in response to a trauma, below are clues that you might be suffering from the effects of trauma.

  • Re-experiencing the Trauma: intrusive memories, flashbacks, nightmares, and physical reactions.
  • Avoidance: avoiding people, places, activities and thoughts that remind you of the trauma.
  • Numbing: forgetting details of the trauma, feeling detached from others and emotionally numb.
  • Increased Anxiety: sleep problems, concentration troubles, being constantly alert and jumpy.
  • Other Mood Changes: guilt, shame, self-blame, hopelessness, mistrust, anger, feeling alone.

Anxiety Counselling and Trauma Treatment Helps By…

As your anxiety and trauma counsellor, I can help you regain your peace-of-mind using specific anxiety treatments and therapies. Anxiety counselling and trauma treatment is designed to help you:

  • Explore your thoughts about the fear or trauma.
  • Work through feelings of shame, guilt, and mistrust.
  • Learn how to control physical reactions and intrusive memories.
  • Improve your life and relationships beyond your anxiety.