How Do I Contact My Counsellor Directly?

Each of our counsellors can be contacted via their assigned emails and phone extensions. For an up-to-date list of contact information, please visit our counsellor directory page or click on the profile of the counsellor you're trying to contact. Counsellor Directory

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Do You Offer A Sliding Scale?

We offer reduced rates to people in the community who cannot afford our regular fees. These rates apply when choosing to see one of our counselling interns (i.e. a counsellor in training who is supervised by our Clinical Director Mark Nixon, RP). $55/60min for individual counselling $65/60min for couples counselling Learn more about our current [...]

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How Many Counselling Sessions Are Required?

The number of sessions required depends on the kind of issue you’re struggling with and how you’re experiencing progress in counselling. Because this is highly individual, we do not set predetermined limits or expectations on the number of sessions you receive. Research shows that on average, People experience rapid decreases in emotional distress within 3-4 [...]

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How Long and How Frequent Are Counselling Sessions?

Your specific session lengths will be agreed upon prior to starting counselling. Our counsellors can adjust the time based on your needs and preferences. Generally speaking, Sessions are typically 60 to 120 minutes in length. Sessions start off on a weekly basis. As you begin to experience improvement and change, it is possible to space [...]

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What Are the Limits to Confidentiality

All information shared in a counselling session is private and confidential except in the following instances: There is a risk of imminent danger to an identifiable third party or to self. There is suspicion of child abuse or neglect. A disclosure is ordered by a court. There is reasonable belief that a health professional is [...]

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What Kinds of Therapy Do You Use?

Our counsellors use a range of helping approaches and will work to find an effective combination for your unique issues and preferences. These include such evidence-based therapies as, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Person-Centred Therapy (PST) Gottman Method Couples Counselling Emotionally Focused Therapy Mindfulness-based Therapy Existential Therapy Gestalt [...]

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What Kind of Issues Can You Help With?

Our counsellors cover a wide range of issues that you might be struggling with. There are a number of specific issues that are associated with these experiences that our counsellors can help you work through: Relationship Conflict: frequent fighting, anger, mistrust, inability to assert oneself, communication problems. Depression: feeling hopeless, helpless, worthless, loss of energy [...]

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What Counselling Services Do You Offer?

We offer professional counselling services in Guelph, Ontario for both adults and youth ages 1 and up. Our services are available to any individual, couple or family regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or economic status. We offer: Individual Counselling Couples & Marriage Counselling Child & Youth Counselling Adolescent Counselling [...]

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Where Are You Located in Guelph?

Our 10 offices are located at 109 Surrey St. E. in Guelph, Ontario in a newly renovated heritage building. Our space provides a relaxing and quiet environment specially designed to maintain your privacy and comfort. Our offices are specially sound proofed and used exclusively for counselling purposes. 109 Surrey St. E., Guelph, Ontario. Free dedicated [...]

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How Do I Schedule an Appointment

Schedule a session instantly using our online scheduling system – no waiting or phone tag. Use the link below to see our counsellors' schedules in real time and book your session instantly: Visit and follow the easy on-screen instructions to book online instantly. Call toll free 1-800-828-9484 In your message please include your name, phone number, [...]

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