Fees & Insurance

Counselling Fees

Counselling and psychotherapy are paid for either privately (out-of-pocket) or via your health insurance benefits. Counselling is not covered under OHIP. I accept payment via credit card, debit, e-transfer or cash and provide you a receipt immediately at the end of sessions. I also accept payments via credit card over the phone or via email money transfer. Read more about my fees and health insurance below.

Initial 60min Session – First 30min No-Cost

I provide an initial 60min session with the first 30min no-cost for all new clients. This makes counselling more accessible and gives you a chance to determine if I’m a good fit for you. If, for whatever reason, we don’t continue to work together I will help find referrals for you that are better suited to your needs.

  • $60/60min initial session (first 30min no-cost). 

Counselling Fees After Initial 60-min Session

My regular fees are below and can be paid for via credit card, debit, cash, or cheque:

  • $120/60min plus HST for individual and couples counselling.
  • Sessions may be extended past 60min at a fraction of the hourly rate (e.g., 90min)

 Insurance Coverage

My services are often reimbursable under extended health insurance plans (e.g., Greenshield, Manulife, and others) which cover the services of a Registered Psychotherapist or a Registered Psychologist.  Before your initial session call your benefits provider and ask if either Psychotherapists and/or Psychologists are covered, how much you have available per year, and when your benefits renew.

Payment is provided at the end of sessions and I provide you with a receipt which you submit to your health insurance provider for reimbursement.

  • Call your insurance provider before your initial session to verify you have coverage.
  • Ask how much you have available per year and when your benefits renew.
  • Ask if you are covered for the services of a Registered Psychotherapist or only a Registered Psychologist 

Psychologist Only Coverage

If your insurance company only covers a Registered Psychologist and not a Registered Psychotherapist then you can still be reimbursed since I receive supervision from a Psychologist. I would provide you with receipts from my supervising Psychologist that you would submit for reimbursement. The cost is $170/hr (incl HST) in this case since you are receiving the extra supervisory services of the Psychologist. This would be reimbursable according to your insurance plan.

  • $170.00/60min (incl HST) if you require a Psychologist’s supervision for insurance coverage.