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I specialize in bereavement and grief counselling in Guelph for people struggling with a variety of losses.  I help people move through the feelings of sadness, regret, numbing, guilt, and longing that can be a part of grief. In particular, I have extensive experience helping people with complicated grief which can result from traumatic experiences such  as a sudden or violent loss.

Types of Grief and LossComplicated Grief and Traumatic Loss | How Grief Counselling Can Help |

Grief and Loss Issues I Can Help You With…

As your grief counsellor, I am here to listen and help you make sense of the unique relationship you had with the person or thing that you’ve lost in your life. Below are the many kinds of losses I’ve helped people with through grief counselling.

  • Relationship Losses: breakups, divorces, separation, death of pet, death of a loved one.
  • Traumatic Losses: sudden and violent deaths due to suicide, accidents, illness, homicide.
  • Unacknowledged Losses: abortions & miscarriages, loss of a job, a home, life dream.

Grief and Sudden Loss: Are You Suffering From Complicated Grief?

Complicated grief can result from traumatic loss such as when someone or something you care for is taken away from you suddenly, violently, or inexplicably. This can include sudden death by illness, suicide, accident, or homicide – particularly if the death was painful or violent.  Through grief counselling, I can help you work through these distressing experiences, make sense of your loss, and regain a sense of hope and peace-of-mind again. Signs and symptoms of complicated grief include:

  • prolonged  sadness, anger, and irritability (beyond 6 months)
  • difficulty focusing on daily activities (e.g., work, family, self-care)
  • intrusive and distressing flashbacks or nightmares of the person you lost
  • feelings of numbness or detachment from yourself and other people
  • loss of meaning or hope in one’s own life (“What’s the point…)
  • guilt and responsibility (” I should have been there…”)
  • problems acknowledging and accepting the reality that a person is not returing

Grief Counselling Helps By…

Regardless of the kind of loss you’re facing, as your grief counsellor I can help guide you through what are called the Tasks of Mourning. Through grief counselling you’ll learn healthy ways to cope with your loss.

Tasks Of Mourning: Together We Can…
  • Identify, acknowledge, and understand your loss.
  • Help you find healthy ways to acknowledge and express your grief.
  • Help you come to terms with and rebuild your life after loss.
  • Find ways to remember and honour who or what was lost.