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I specialize in marriage counselling and couples counselling in Guelph, Ontario. If you’re struggling with frequent conflict, distance, betrayal, separation, or possible divorce then couples and marriage counselling can help improve your relationship. As your couples counsellor, I work with both you and your partner together to help improve your communication, regain your friendship, and increase your feelings of closeness.

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Couples and Marriage Counselling Helps By…

Couples and marriage counselling helps to ensure you both feel heard, understood, and respected. By encouraging each of you to express yourselves fully, you’ll have the chance to share feelings, thoughts, and hopes that you might not feel safe or able to express in your relationship. For many, this is all that’s needed for positive change to start unfolding.

  • Feel safe and supported in sharing your full experience.
  • Learn new ways to communicate your needs.
  • Discover more about each others hopes and values.

Identifying and Removing Your Communication Barriers

By the time you want couples and marriage counselling, you’re probably at a point where you feel like you’ve “tried everything” to get your message across. You may have even both “shut down” and stopped trying to communicate to avoid stressful and painful arguments. Hidden communication barriers can be the at the root of these issues. As your couples and marriage counsellor I can help you identify these barriers and teach you how to remove them.

  • Learn effective ways to talk about and manage your differences.
  • Feel less anger, frustration, hopelessness, and distance.
  • Increase feelings of understanding and mutual support.

Helping You Rebuild Friendship, Trust and Intimacy

When there is frequent conflict and hurt, you can begin to feel a loss of trust in your partner. What can follow is a loss of intimacy and desire both emotionally and physically. After a while, it may seem like you’re both just living separate lives instead of feeling attracted and excited to be together. Through couples and marriage counselling, I can help you rebuild the trust and intimacy that you felt when you first met.

  • Find ways to heal from past betrayal and hurt.
  • Learn new skills to maintain your closeness over time.
  • Rekindle the passion that you once shared.