Telephone & Online Counselling

Telephone Counselling GuelphTelephone and Online Counselling

I provide telephone and online counselling from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Telephone and online counselling are helpful if you’re unable to travel for any reason, find yourself out of town and in need of support, or you’re uncomfortable seeing a counsellor face-to-face. As your counsellor, we can arrange to have all or some of your counselling sessions over the phone or via Skype.

Telephone and Online Counselling Helps By…

Travelling to see a counsellor face-to-face may be neither possible nor convenient for you. You might not have a car and taking the bus might be difficult if you’re struggling with mobility issues. Telephone and online counselling can virtually bring the counsellor to you in your home or wherever you feel most comfortable. If you’re struggling with issues that involve a great deal of shame or guilt, it might also be difficult to face someone at first. Telephone and online counselling can provide the initial safety and control that you need to reach out.

  • Get help and support where you feel most comfortable.
  • Avoid the difficulty and worry of travel.
  • Feel greater safety and fewer inhibitions.